Our History

Rich Legacy in Polymer Science

Relypsa has a rich legacy in polymer science that began with our founders’ vision of embracing a unique approach to developing polymer-based solutions that could be applied to numerous medical conditions. Today, we are using this specialized expertise and polymer technology platform to discover and develop innovative polymer medicines to treat conditions that can be addressed in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

Our story began in 1994


Symyx Technologies was founded to discover new materials for the chemical, electronics and life science industries

Symyx put its screening technology to use for pharmaceutical research. With its proprietary technology, Symyx was able to generate hundreds to thousands of unique materials at a time and screen them rapidly and automatically for desired properties. In addition to producing catalysts for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, chemicals and plastics, it created polymers that could be used as medicines.


Symyx Technologies spun out its proprietary polymer drug discovery and development platform into a separate privately-held company called Ilypsa

Ilypsa was focused on developing non-absorbed polymer medicines for kidney disease. Its lead investigational medicine was for hyperphosphatemia, or abnormally high levels of phosphate in the blood, which is common in people receiving kidney dialysis for chronic kidney disease (CKD). 

JULY 2007

Amgen acquired Ilypsa 

Amgen focused on developing the lead investigational polymer medicine for hyperphosphatemia. Astellas, which had licensed rights to the medicine, currently markets it in Japan.


Relypsa was founded

Former Illypsa executives spun out the proprietary polymer drug discovery and development technology from Amgen, including the hyperkalemia program, and created Relypsa.



Relypsa became a Vifor Pharma company 

Today, Relypsa is focused on helping patients with hyperkalemia and using its polymer drug discovery technology to target historically overlooked and undertreated medical conditions that can be treated using non-absorbed polymeric medicines in the GI tract – taking a localized approach to systemic problems in the body.

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