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Giving Life: The Periodic Table

The human body is pretty amazing — it’s an incredible collaboration of chemical elements.

Maybe you tried to memorize the elements on the periodic table in high school chemistry. Maybe you even learned about some of them… Read More.


Kidney Disease: Past, Present & Future

For more than two hundred years, scientists have been working to understand how kidneys function and how to treat kidney-related problems. Early strides in understanding organ function led to a rapid period of growth and innovation in kidney care… Read More.


The Next Frontier of Kidney Care

We are entering an exciting time of research, discovery and innovation surrounding the kidney care landscape. Although the path from scientific breakthrough to approved therapy takes time, researchers and institutions around the world are making discoveries… Read More.


Hyperkalemia:  From the Inside Out

Most people know potassium is an essential nutrient, but many do not recognize that too much potassium in the blood can be dangerous. Hyperkalemia is a medical term that describes a potassium level in the blood that's higher than normal. Read More.